Earth Mother Studio Permaculture Village

Earth Mother Studio is a Permaculture Artisan Village and Intentional Community located in Lamesa, Texas.  It is home to the Earth Mother Studio Permaculture Research Institute, The Artisan Teaching Village as well as Soul Story Music Production.  Our small yet growing Intentional Community has a plan that we hope will Branch Permaculture up the Conscious Evolutionary Tree. 

Our Members share their talent and skills in classes and workshops available to the public.  Such classes include: Natural Health Cures, Medicinal Herbs and Organics ~ Mindfulness and Inner Peace Journey ~ Spinning, Weaving, Sewing, Cooking and Canning ~ Earthwork and Natural Building Structures~ Woodworking, Metalwork, Auto Mechanics, General Plumbing and Electrical ~ Computer Science and Information Technology, General Business, Marketing and Management ~ Oil on Canvas, Watercolor, Pencil and Charcoal, Sculpting, Pottery ~ Graphic Art and Full Service Sign Production ~ Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, Recording and Studio Production and of course Permaculture Design Certification Courses. 

The Earth Mother Village has a community building and outdoor stage for events, A community garden, a recycled items store, an art and handwork gallery where our members sell their creations and a full service sign shop. Our campgrounds and tiny house community are in planning.  We break ground with construction in the spring of 2019.

Permaculture ethics and techniques can develop a conscious integrated design system that is based on ecological principles as well as create resource efficient, productive and resilient human environments.  Social Permaculture provides solutions to Humanity's Crisis by creating a diversity of Functional Connections between people, their skills and their environment. 
The failure of the whole range of interlocked systems that has maintained and supported this industrial society has become crystal clear. The ecological challenges we face and where we are headed as a civilization are daunting. Together we must be the lens that critically explores the problems and creates the  tools to generate resilient solutions.  

Earth Mother shall serve as a Synergy Hub where one may hold Transformation Spaces, foster Resilient Equitable Communities and catalyze Long Term Social Change.  A place where the dream of World Peace and the Elimination of World Hunger may rise through the New Earth Paradigm. 

Earth Mother Studio, Inc. is a registered Non-Profit Corporation with a Family of Established Subsidiaries as well as Conceptions in Development.
Earth Fest Convergence™,  FireLosophy Transformational Festival™,  Soul Story Music Productions™,  Soul Story and The Kindred
 The Usual Suspects™,  
Blue Vinyl Records™,  The Outpost Community Center™,  LionHouse Seminar Group
™,  Grandmothers of the New Earth
™, The Mother Earth Village
The Community Garden Classroom™, 
Clan of the DragonFly Permaculture Guild™,  Operation Hope
 The Alliance Trade Coalition™, 
 Denim Blues™,  Dèjá Vu Vintage™, 
The Sign Machine™, 
 Signs of Life™ ,
 The Artisan Teaching Village™ 
 Press For Truth Media™,  
Portal Books™,  
The Earth Mother Newsletter™  and 
The Portal Scroll™,  
are all Registered Trade Marks and Subsidiaries of 
Earth Mother Studio, Inc. 
The Following Organizations are Networked with Earth Mother Studio, Inc. 
They each hold Trade Marks on their perspective Subsidiaries 
Covenant Promise Ministries, Inc. is a registered Non-Profit Organization;   United Veterans of America
is a Subsidiarity of Covenant Promise Ministries, Inc.
Bear's Nest is a Non-Profit Organization;  LEM Creations
™,  Magpie Records
Watchers of the Wood
™ and Return of the Watcher
are Subsidiaries and Private Works of Bear's Nest.