The People of Permaculture

These are some of the people who have worked hard for many years to bring Permaculture to the world.

We couldn't include everyone, but each one pictured here has made significant contributions to the field over a long period of time.  

The Co-Founders

Their First Book 

Permaculture One – a Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements:  by Mollison and Holmgren.

David Holmgren

“Traditional agriculture was labor intensive, industrial agriculture is energy intensive, and permaculture-designed systems are information and design intensive.”                                                 H o l m g r e n  D e s i g n s

Andrew Millison

M.A. in Horticultural Preservation
B.A. in Ecological Design and Sustainability

Andrew Millison brings nearly 20 years experience in designing and building permaculture projects to his teaching and wants to share that rich, real-world experience with his students.

See Andrew's Permaculture Design Certificate online course offered through Oregon State Professional and Continuing Education (PACE).

He has been studying, teaching and practicing permaculture since he took his first design course in 1996. He began teaching permaculture design at the college level in 2001 and has been an instructor at Oregon State University in the Horticulture Department since 2009. Andrew currently teaches the Permaculture Design Course and the Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum at OSU on campus and online.

Andrew first learned permaculture design in the drylands of Arizona, where he studied for his undergraduate and master's degrees at Prescott College. His focus was on rainwater harvesting, greywater systems and desert agriculture. He started a permaculture landscape design and build company and also worked in an ecologically-based landscape architecture firm.

In recent years, Andrew's focus has been more on broad scale farm planning, permaculture housing developments and obtaining water rights. In 2015 he founded Permaculture Design International, a collaborative design firm that works on large-scale global projects.


Filmed and edited by Andrew Millison

Featuring Andrew Millison


Websites and Social Media


Books featuring Andrew Millison's work


Robyn Francis
Permaculture College Australia                                                                                             

Scott Pittman
The Permaculture Institute                                                                                                         


Maddy Harland
Mother Earth News                    Permanent Publications               Permaculture Magazine 

Masanobu Fukuoka                                The One Straw Revolution


Rosemary Morrow
SEED Sustainability Consulting                                                                                             

Holzer Permaculture                                         

Brad Lancaster
Harvesting Rainwater                         Desert Harvesters                                          

City Repair                                                            

Ego Lemos
Permaculture Guidebook                      Ego Lemos Music                                                                      

Albert Bates
The Farm                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Chakra Widia
Sawah Bali                                                  Tri Hita Karanda Bali                                              

Eugenio Gras
Designed Visions                                    Mas Humus                                                                                                                          

Larry Santoyo
Earthflow Designs                                    The Permaculture Academy

Brock Dolman
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center                                                                                                                                                                     

Joel Glanzberg                                Regenesis Group
Pattern Mind                                            The Tracking Project

Toby Hemenway                                 Gaia's Garden & Permaculture City

Warren Brush
True Nature Design                                   Quail Springs                                       Casitas Valley                                             PRI Kenya

Robert Hart                                               The Forest Garden

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