March Brings Dreams of Expansion

   This Building is here in town at Dergsen's local yard.  Ideally this        12' X  32' Double Lofted Cabin is the minimum size needed for the               Dèjá Vu Project. It will need to be worked into the budget                     so the Manifestation Begins.

March 13th

Recycled pallet wood is used to rebuild the wet wall in the kitchen. Recycled plywood was used as a base under the strips.  The old cabinets were badly damaged so a new sink and cabinets will need to be built.  Thanks to Alex Parraz and Kirt Rundle for the Kitchen re-model

This is actually the exterior wall of the building.  Patch work, insulation, new electrical and plumbing were installed.  A new sink and cabinets were donated by Stephen Alvarado. Thanks to Noel and Randy Trevino for the Installation. A sub-floor was installed over the damaged hardwood floor before the cabinets went in.  Thanks to Alex Parraz for the flooring work.

March 21st

The Dead Black Walnut Tree Comes Down.

Thanks to Stephen Alvarado for the Cunning Skill involved in taking this tree safely out of the power lines and to the ground.  The wood will be used for arts/crafts projects, mushroom cultivation and firewood.
LEFT~Stephen plotting his moves.
RIGHT~He makes the first cut.

The Go-Go Gadget Mobile

                      Amazing what a tow strap and                      a souped up old car can do.

The First Branch

Tied off and ready to precede

A Gentle Tug on the Strap

And Down it Comes




Next Branch

Go-Go Gadget Mobile gets moved and the Strap re-positioned.

A Few More More Cuts

Go-Go Gadget Backs up and the Branch Falls Down

The Power Line Snag

         This was the challenge, to fall this limb              without taking the power line with it.

The Plotting Begins

         The Strap is re-positioned and the branch             pulled away from the power lines.

A Few Strategic Cuts

And another one bites the Dust




Power Line Safe and Secure

Stephen apologizes for "bumping the trash can"   ~~lol~~

That one was heavier        than it looked.

One More To Go

Plotting Once Again

   Go-Go Gadget Mobile         Back at Work

A Tricky One  

This Branch is leaning Toward the Building. Strategic cuts must once again be made.

Opposite from the Others

       This Time the pressure is taken off the strap            and the branch falls.

1 2 3 4 5...and so on & so on

Stephen Singing.."That's the Way You Do It.."   

March 29th

The Rains Come and  Sulfur Springs  Draw fills.

The Cotton Trailer

The Cotton Trailer Arrives on March 24th

Here the Awesome '76 Jeep shows it power when it pulls a 30' cotton trailer in from 20 miles out in the country.

The trailer will have it's axles removed and be converted into an outdoor stage. Thanks to James Beam for the donation of the trailer, the transportation and the construction of the stage.