The Community Garden Flyer Goes Out.

This was the Conceptional Flyer we put together back in 2017 when

Clan of the DragonFly Permaculture Guild and The Back to Eden Classroom Garden was still a Dream.

Proof that putting Your Dreams on Paper helps to Manifest Them. A Little over a year later it's being built.

Trevor Wainright of Castleford, England

It appears that Trev is hiding dirt under the rug.   He was actually sweeping the dirt OUT of the corner.  I love this pic!~~

The Furniture Arrives.

Thanks to Trevor Wainright and William Dawson for helping with the set-up

Ben Franklin Stops by...

AKA David Lester Young from Austin Texas

The Grandmothers of the New Earth Emerge

The Grandmothers start to arrive. Pictured are:                                                          Connie Williams and Katy Brandon in the kitchen.  Joyce Swaim by the piano.

Searching For Somewhere from Austin, Texas

Kelany Brent , Ashley Case and Molly Fischer from Austin, Texas

Kelany Brent sings "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town.

Kelany Brent and Ashley Case of Searching for Somewhere with Martha Allene and Quanisha McCulloch of Amare' Global

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The First Annual Earth Fest Convergence

For more pictures and event information click the pic below.